# PURPOSE The purpose of this tool is to provide the convenience to browse your code or notes from your browser, having the directory tree structure in a left column, and the text of the file you select on the right. It supports displaying Markdown format! # PREREQUISITES You will need a web server that can execute PHP code to start on your PC. PHP provides a built-in one, which is ideal for the job. # HOW TO INSTALL The tool was designed to have all code in a single file `index.php`, making it convenient to install/port at the root of the directory tree that you want to browse. To install, you can get the library either by using `git clone https://github.com/ilias-sp/php-directory-explorer.git`, or downloading the provided zip file, or just download the index.php file, by clicking [here](index.php). # HOW TO RUN You can integrate the directory tree you want to browse with a PHP capable web server like apache, or - the proposed way - just start an instance of the built-in web server PHP provides. Assuming you have PHP installed on your PC, open a shell at the directory you wish to explore and run: ``` php -S -t . ``` Alternatively, you can use the scripts supplied in `scripts` folder. First, you will have to copy the one for your OS to the root folder where the index.php resides. The above will start a web server that listens on port 33333. To browse it via your web browser, head on to: []( # 3RD PARTY LIBRARIES `php-directory-explorer` uses [erusev/parsedown](https://github.com/erusev/parsedown) markdown parser to properly display Markdown files, and [websemantics/file-icons](https://github.com/websemantics/file-icons) (forked version of it) for displaying icons for common file types. To install both libraries, download the `composer.json` file from this repository in the folder where the `index.php` resides, and install by running: ``` composer install ``` # PREVIEW ![Preview image](preview/preview.png?raw=true "Preview image")